SweetSpot Video Processor  - A PCI capture card for HTPC/HCPC compatible with DScaler which brings RGB capture, component capture, s-video capture, composite capture and also the Parallel Digital Interface (PDI) together at the lowest price point yet seen.  
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SweetSpot - Picture perfection for projectors and plasma displays
SweetSpot can capture PDI, RGB, Component, S-Video and Composite Video. Perfect for your HCPC or HTPC BUY NOW!
Connect all your video sources

DVD players
Set top boxes
Satellite TV receivers
Game consoles
Laserdisc players
and more...

Then use your PC to digitally scale and output perfectly to any Plasma, LCD TV or projector, to give the
ultimate picture quality.

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SweetSpot utilises DScaler, a free software package, open source, coded under the GNU GPL Licence
(www.fsf.org/licenses/gpl.html). Please see the DScaler website (www.dscaler.org) for more details.
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