Disappointed with the picture quality on your new flat-screen TV?  Did you know that you can improve it by using your PC to ‘pre-process’ the image.

Using the SweetSpot Video Processor - you can make a huge difference to the picture quality of your satellite receiver, DVD player or games console - get virtual HD quality from your regular standard definition video sources!

Use SweetSpot to...

  1. Watch your analogue sources (e.g. SKY) through the absolute best PC video viewer DScaler (www.dscaler.org). Scaled perfectly to match your Plasma, Projector or Monitor

  2. Record SKY, Laserdisc, VHS, Games footage, etc. onto your PCs HDD using the absolute best video signals (using 3rd party applications such as Windows Movie Maker, iuVCR etc

  3. Time-shift live TV using SnapStream

  4. Watch DVD using the super-smooth hardware decoding capabilities of REALmagic Xcard

  5. Stream high quality video across your network for simultaneous multi-room viewing

This is a very versatile product - read all about it at our dedicated SweetSpot Website , which features reviews and also a list of Technical Questions and Answers

Buy now for just £149 + VAT (Free express shipping worldwide)

Features & Specifications

  1. Up to 8 video connections!

  2. 1 x 26-Pin Parallel Digital Interface (PDI)

  3. 1 x RGB (RGBS, RGsB) - perfect for UK and European set top boxes

  4. 1 x Component Video (Y,Pb,Pr) - accepts 576i and 480i video

  5. 2 x S-Video

  6. 7 x Composite

  7. Supports PAL, SECAM and NTSC video formats

  8. Optional Dual SDI input expansion module now available to allow connection to external SDI sources

SweetSpot comes complete with PDI ribbon cable (to connect to optional RealMagic Xcard)

Optional Extras:

RGB SCART to SweetSpot Cable 1.5m

This cable allows you to connect directly from any device with a SCART socket on the rear (e.g. a satellite receiver or DVD player) directly in to the SweetSpot card. The cable is hand made, using very high quality low loss cable by specialist high-end cable manufacturer Mark Grant Cables.

Buy now for just £39 + VAT (Free express shipping worldwide)